Monday, June 20, 2011


I know the thought-line that we are what our hearts imagine; as a man thinketh in his heart so is he.  I raise the question, From where do we believe that thinking came? 

I love my life in the church.  It hasn't always been a walk through the garden of beauty.  There were days of pulling necessary stumps---yes in others---mainly in me.  Throughout some lengthy days (like two decades) people believed in me.  I fed from their faith for mine was notoriously puny.

First, four of Memorial's elders believed in me when I was a scared, defensive, and immature man.  Later elders Harriel and Darrel applied confidence my direction.  Today all four of our guys draw out of me what I don't possess on my own; God's grace.

Believing in others is an intentional move of the Spirit.  Jesus was perpetually operating from the base of faith.  Yes, we are each lousy beyond report.  When the faithful love us and believe in us we actually find an arena in which we can grow and bloom.

I believe in our staff.....and they know it!  I believe in this congregation....and I tell them so! 

What I am telling you is a magic twist of kingdom life.  When any fail, direction and correction may be necessary at times.  All of the time, though, expression of belief in a colleague will see kingdom fruit develop. 

Personally, I think offering faith in one another is one of the best weed killers on the market.  As a man thinketh will largely be found in the mix of what others thinketh about them.  Why else would God call us to watch our words that they might give grace to those who hear in time of need?

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