Monday, June 13, 2011


I continue to learn.  Learning is good.  Patience is required. 

God seems bent on really wanting His children to be equipped with this trait of a patient walk.  Surely we realize the significance of its importance when noting such is a cluster of the Holy Spirit fruit.  Anytime anything is listed in the Spirit fruit category it can be assured we lack such a kingdom vitamin in our fleshly nature.

God has changed my world.  Relax would be the new frame.  Edgy and sensitive, I've been difficult to endure for my ideas were all grand....I assumed.  After all, I thought of them.  In a way I have been such a blessing to my colleagues for I have challenged them to see just how patient they could be.

Yet, I am learning that I really need to pay attention to life for God has messages for me all over His refrigerator doors as well as the cupboard doors.  He has things just for me.

I just came from our Monday morning (6:30 a.m.) meeting with staff and elders.  What a rich place.  Some weeks I make notes on a pad.  Other weeks, I make them in my mind.  Nearly every week I learn.  I go in expecting God to speak to me about His varying areas of kingdom work.

I am discovering an oil well of life in simply paying attention.  I am learning things at age 63 that I didn't realize had gone unlearned.  This isn't discouraging; but the opposite.  God is faithful to His plea that we will be renewed day by day.

I charge you to note the oil wells in your field.  Be free to be aggressive in advancing the kingdom.  Enjoy the plot to expand its borders.  Never grow to the age you miss the value of patience.  It surely is an oil well among us.  If you are like me you tend to let it go untapped.

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