Friday, June 10, 2011


Persecution is eminent.  Jesus insisted it is to be a part of a believer's walk.  Look at the prophets before him.  Look at the disciples who followed him.  Look at him.  And yet, somehow we believe we are of different dissent?  Somehow we will be able to follow Jesus with no hair singed?  I don't think it possible.

Rough days are a vital part of the Christian doctrine.  They are not to be present due to our own silliness or un-God-like maneuvers.  If we are committed followers, however, trouble more than lurks.  It will show.  Peter warns against being surprised by it.  It goes with the program.

Young leaders must learn this truth; you cannot please everybody.  Pleasing others is surely in our best interests.......but it won't work.  Stop trying.  To heed this call does not permit any of us to run over others by bullying.  Rather it calls you when bullied to eliminate the urge to run.  Stay put.  People are going to hurt you.  Because of the One you follow, you have it coming.

William Willimon asks why is it that those who seem to be the staunchest persecutors seem to also be the ones who know the most scriptures.  Strange, huh?  Yet such is often the case.  The meanest can be the best Bible quoters. 

Don't be surprised.  And don't quit because of pain.  Don't fret it or sweat it.  It is a part of your job description.  Accept it.  Die...die for others that they may come to life.  You'll find the greatest fulfillment.

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