Saturday, May 21, 2011


The media is giving ample coverage to those claiming that the present world as we know it comes to a halt by early evening.  Interesting speculation about the speculation abounds.  Another group countered with tomorrow's "We Are Still Here Day".

So many forecasts for the actual arrival date of Jesus' return have come and gone over the years and decades that wouldn't it be just like God to reappear on someones actual predicted date?

I don't know how these who go public with their Second Coming calculations reach such conclusions.  A note I would make is that this is yet another tactic of opposing forces to distract good people into disbelieving.  Anytime the Christian world makes bold claims which do not prove actual, the kingdom reputation takes a severe hit.

Faith surely is legit.  Too, it will carry us into the unexpected as well as the unforeseen glory of His presence.  Because man is capable of admission that there truly is the One Living God, fierce opposition is hurled our way to insert the slightest doubt.  Therefore, each of us will  be more effective believing with conviction without predicting God's timetable.

From the Word I see that we are to call all to believe in the Son as long as it is called "Today".  When he will could actually be today.  The Word would call all to be prepared for his reentry each and every day.  That is a fact worth absorbing.

Naming the arrival date would not be a call I would feel comfortable making.  Should this man-prediction today prove empty it could lead another generation of mockers to innocently assume the authentic God-call is invalid.

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