Monday, May 09, 2011


God gave me an insight of wisdom last week while at Pepperdine.  I can't recall how I realized this; yet I think it significant.

I speak from experience.  Depression is a treacherous, day and night killing, foe.  I've hung out in its damp caverns for years.  Not so much in the last ten.

Something hit me last week which explains it.  One depressed has a complete lack of a kingdom ingredient.  Those depressed do not praise.

This observation is not a criticism of when we are down.  Rather it is the pathway out.  Praise is our pass to keep from going to the ugliest of jails.  Praise.

Praise is relatively new to me.  Yes, I sang songs from day one of being converted.  But, I wasn't praising God.  I was doing worship right; a Capella.  Not until Hallal's worship team and then Allen French and Shane Coffman came along have I begun and grown in praise.

When one is tied up in gripping darkness of depression, praise is not voiced.  On the other hand, Paul and Silas weren't depressed.  They could have been.  I wouldn't have blamed them.  Instead, they praised God and the entire jail fell down.  When they praised God, others nearby were converted. 

I believe that if we will praise God our cell doors will fly open....Phil. 4:4-9.

How can one move from depression?  Learn to Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow.

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Nellie said...

Agree with your thoughts! Thank you for your many "right on target" observations. I admire your willingness to be led by the Spirit and to speak/write when prompted to share thoughts that you know may not be readily accepted by everyone. Keep the boldness coming. :)