Monday, April 11, 2011


I have been in the church the last two-thirds of my life thus far. 

The first third was indifferent to God.  He was okay.  I believed in Him.  But, I had no clue the Bible had a message pertinent for today.  The second third began with conversion, thrill, and a fire for doing God stuff right.  The third facet has more enthusiasm with a bit more and greatly needed humility.  (Is it correct to admit humility...or is that bragging?)

Today I find myself burdened by the spiritual needs of the masses.  Last week I was golfing in North Carolina with strangers.  I wondered the entire rounds what could be said to draw them to God.  I would toss out the bait; not even a nibble during both rounds.  Four at the cafe last Saturday.  Three plumbers in my home today.  I continually probe in conversation to see if kingdom issues will arise.

I am more excited about God working and less sure of my own skill.  Knowing all of the answers in my 20s and 30s has shifted in age to wondering just how much I haven't yet a clue.  This is not discouraging; but rather fabulous that God has much more for me than I am able to corral.

Aging in the church?  Well, I guess it could make us grumpy and even bitter.  That is not how I see it.  To me God is like technology; I can't get on board with the simplest of concepts let alone keep up.  Isn't that a sign of seeking the True and Living God? 

II Cor. 4:16-18....due to being deeply involved in the New Creation....we actually don't age.  We get newer day by day!  Wow!  What do you have for us today, God?

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