Thursday, April 21, 2011


We at Memorial have been Hoopla-ed!  Easter Hoopla has struck and it was a home run!

Our Linda Scott and Stacey Kendall (Children's Ministers) put together what I think was the best package for Kids Night yet.  Easter Hoopla is devoted to our kids as well as community children.  Two things happened to make the evening special;
  1. The volunteers offered so many zones for the kids to enjoy.
  2. Children from the Food Pantry and neighborhood came.
Children make a church pop!  I am proud of our two gals for working so intensely toward these special events which care greatly for our little ones!

And....somehow I got out of there with a tatoo added to my face.  Hmmmm.....and cameras began to show up everywhere I turned.  Go figure.

Thank you, Linda!  Thank you, Stace!

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