Thursday, April 14, 2011


I wish God would teach me what He wants me to learn so I can get on with life.  How many times I have heard that said....and not one of them was sincere.  What He wants us to learn is to quit worrying and the above sentence is always said by a worrier. 

We need to learn to give it up!  "It" being the strain we put ourselves through while missing the opportunity to note God working in the very circumstance where we want out.

I have learned little by little to let go of the helm of whatever I'm engaged.  I don't run the show.  I don't even run a part of the show.  Life is from God and up to God.  My job is to believe the one whom He sent....Jn. 6:29.  Your job is to believe Jesus and he said not to worry.

I have spent far to much inhaling/exhaling time over wasteful fret.  Non-productivity has been the result.  I tried to coerce and manipulate life.  Bummer!  I failed.  Today's life in Jesus is really weird to me.  The less I exert but the more I believe, he does the most amazing things. 

Worry and fret and worrisome fret....GIVE IT ALL UP!  Psalm 46:10....Be still and know I am God.  The be still is translated Let go and relax.  Relax wasn't a trait of mine until I began to watch Jesus work in my life.  Possibly you could use this trait in yours as well? 

Don't take charge of your life except in one area....give it Him!

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