Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The Tulsa Workshop begins within a couple of hours.  Whew!  We have strained and planned and prayed and then we have prayed.  I am soooo excited! 

A side note that would not be visible or even known to any is what a friend of mine does for me.  Even he doesn't know it.  His name?  Jerry Rushford.

One would think by the names we should be cousins or possibly were separated at birth.  Nothing of the sort.  Jerry, though, does put together the famous Pepperdine Lectures which are always above par.

What Jerry does for me is to show me how to move through these huge events.  I love his energy.  Each time I go to Pepperdine I cannot help but notice such rich enthusiasm that comes from this small-framed man.  He inspires me to look like I'm alive!

Jerry Rushford?  Or, is it Terry Rush? the Tulsa Workshop case it is the latter.  But I must (and gratefully) admit that with all of the pressure upon me I am not distracted from being mindful of a man who leads out so very well.

Jerry....blessings, my friend, as you make final preparation for your lectures.  We are in the final countdown...3---2---.

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Greg England said...

I always marveled at how effortless Jerry and his staff seemed to make the Pepperdine lectures, knowing in reality just how difficult it must be every year. You are no less impressive in putting together the Tulsa workshop which pulls together many of the same speakers and endures probably more of the criticisms from the neo-pharisees. God's blessings on you both! Wish I could be in Tulsa and Malibu this year.