Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Humanity attends a wonderful school.  Our problem is we celebrate tardiness.  We simply would rather skip class.

I speak of the negatives along life's pathways which tempt us to be bummed.  I don't like interruptions to my plans, failures from my efforts, nor antagonists to my goals....but each is most productive.  Light afflictions produce; the Word says.

I have never liked struggles.  They tend to ruin good days.  Until I met Jesus that is. 

Jesus has a way of ruining ruin.  He really can make lemonade out of lemons.  Jesus can take a man up a tree and turn him into a celebrated and eternal story.  He can take a backward situation and translate it into poetic language of hope and love.

I began life in Jesus on edge.  I was nervous and defensive.  Fortunately, I have gone to school on the things that upset me.  Jesus has taught me a valuable trait; calm.  God has shown me through His Son to be free from being rattled. 

Interruptions, failures, and antagonisms are not your enemies, my friend, they are your instructors to a life of even greater joy.  So....don't waste a good bad day (Romans 5:1-5)!

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Liz Moore said...

I love the way you find the positive in "every" situation! You are such a great vessel for God! It was great getting to see you at the workshop! Blessings my friend!