Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We are living in a world of hurt....literally.  The world detached from God is about to catch its own tail; And growl it surely will.

Some one or some thing has struck a match in the Mid-East and flames are being fanned around the world.  Media can't keep up...and reporters are everywhere.  It is difficult to know how to read the future of such gigantic outbreak.  What will happen?  It appears that if we think America will escape repercussion, we best take another look.

Instability has been lurking in the shadows for quite some time.  Political and economic unrest laps against the shores of the human landscape with considerable threat of tidal unrest.  Yet, man continues to eek by.  Are we watching the unraveling of human order as we have known it? 

Look at gas pump prices rise.  Grocery costs?  How long will it take for the words "uncle" to be heard by the average one of us bewildered by a 9/11 type of stunning development?  How long before we have reached the end of our self-sustaining and self-providing lifestyles?  How soon will we reach the kind of days where we no longer know how to estimate a course of life in general the way we have always known?

This is the time, Christian, to shore up our future with a deep inventory of faith.  We are about to be tested as to what it is---really Who it is---we confide our dependence.  Whether our managerial maneuvers in tight spots or our trust like young David in fighting Goliath....we don't know how; but we know He will.

From Genesis to Revelation, God has always waited until man ran out of his own manipulative ways to show us even greater life strategy.  We are poised for such a show once again.  Shore up your believability.  Strengthen your certainty in God.

It won't be long 'til the way we've always done business may be in complete upheaval.  Simultaneously, we will grow in life-saving faith in the risen Christ.  Do not fear.  Do not panic.  If God is for us, who then would be against us?  In Jesus we overwhelmingly conquer. 

The plus to all of these concerns is that one's faith is already leading the pack.  We don't have to wait for major unravel to discover this.  We have been practicing for years on all the small stuff just getting ready for the big game.  Suit up, folks, in Jesus.  It's time to move from the practice field.

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