Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Memorial Drive is preparing for another hopeful day of baptisms.  We have developed Baptism Sunday.  Throughout the year we have baptisms on various days and at all hours.  We are clear that baptism is available at this place....for it is a place to start life over. 

God led us to something years back which continues to work.  We set a target date on our calendars...no particular time of the year as this time it happens to be February 27th....as Baptism Sunday.  I will teach a class for the four Wednesday nights in that month; the basics about one being born again.

We have announced such plans the last two Sundays.  Talk is spreading like a rumor as various ones inquire and indicate their interest.  We never know who will be there until we show up for class #1.  And, we never know who will be baptized until we reach that day.

But here's what makes it work.  With an actual date targeted, for some reason people seem motivated to take action.  This just helps them make a decision to move on that which God has been whispering to them along the way.

There will be some who go through the class and will not be baptized that specific Sunday.  But it will happen down the road.  At least it has so far.

This is a simple idea that works.  It allows the members have a goal/date in talking to colleagues and relatives.  One woman emailed me this week and said, I heard your announcement yesterday and I'm in.  I have one question.  Since I was baptized at age 6 in the Baptist church, will you allow me to be baptized again? 

Ah, that's why we will study.  So many have questions about their earlier faith.  I visited with a middle-aged man who has attended with his wife for years.  I said to him, Friend, I want you to know that I'm teaching a class on baptism during the February Wednesday nights.  I really think it's time you be there.  It's your call....but I think you are ready. 

I truly meant such with no pressure.  I wanted him to have the confidence he could benefit.  I surely hope he will.  If not this time....then down the road.

We simply look at the Word and give them great room to decide in response from their own hearts.  Maybe this idea would work where you are?


Greg England said...

We do this a couple of times a year at our church and we have about 20-30 baptisms each time.

jason reeves said...

Awesome idea, my friend!

Wendy said...

My church (www.northsidechurch.org.au) does it too. It works well! We don't run baptism classes but anyone who expresses interest meets with one of the leadership team for study/prayer/discussion.