Monday, January 03, 2011


Do you hear the groan? 

I hear it. 

I've heard it since the mid-80s when I began to realize I was a young and ambitious Pharisee.  We (I) were driving souls away.  On the same scale as buck Saul of Tarsus, we were killing Christians' hearts.  We meant to.  We wanted to.  We were strong.  It was they who were weak.

And now the moans. 

We succeeded as we had wished.  We drove them away.  They had done nothing wrong but men like me pounded until they finally gave up....and walked away.

Oh, they said they needed to do this and were looking for that because they didn't realize what had happened.  They had been killed in church.  The law was brought in.  The Spirit was disfellowshipped...and they all died.

Do you hear the moans?

I hear them. 

I hear the strains of many we now categorize as lost in our communities; former members we call them.  They are lost.  They think the law church was as it claimed; the right church.  But they moan for something about them could not keep up with the dutiful legalists.  You know; women can't wear pants suits and they better not pray.  You know; if the giving didn't happen on Sunday it was a sin.  You know; three times a week is....well, we don't need to explain it further.

Do you hear the moans?  I hear them.  They aren't only coming from the masses who were driven out by church sheriffs.  The moans also come from men like myself who hammered in the name of Truth without regard for love in the name of the cross.

To my shame...I hear the moans.


Brian said...

My personal perspective is that the church is moving right smack with the Spirit! I see movement that is inspiring, captivating, and law-free.

Could it be that grace needs to be given even to those whom pounded legalism?

Isn't time to see what is happening and what God is doing and what God will be doing?

With all due respect, I think the moans are Satan's musical tones. If he keeps us listening to what was instead of what is, then he keeps us in bondage just like we kept those in bondage through legalism years ago.

Now,I hear inspirational spiritual tones that resonates and encourages countless millions. And, I firmly believe that the Tulsa Workshop, The Hills, Southeast Christian Church, Memorial Drive and hundreds more have set a new standard. Live by a Spirit-filled life. Grace. Joy. Hope Love

I hear the praises and see the fire being fanned by sold out believers.

Just my 1/2 cent worth.

Vasca said...

My thinking is that we are finally turning the corner. True, there are still moanings...except now, I think some of the moans are coming from those strict 'rule keepers' who are pained because of the turn. We are finally embracing His Spirit and openly talking about how the Spirit has affected and is affecting our lives.

We need to constanatly remind ourselves of exactly 'who' and 'whose' we are.

It's a new year and I plan to shine His light at every the checkout line, at the hair salon, at the name it and I plan to be a conduit for His bread of life and living water.

How exciting it is to be His child and find His way to stop the groaning.

Thank You, Father for showing me your way...In Your Son's Name, Amen