Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I want you to know a bit of behind the scenes with my new book--MVP!--that you might be encouraged when you continue to encounter brick walls. 

I worked on the manuscript for seven years.  It was difficult to sort my thoughts.  To put this time-line into perspective I had written ten other books in the last 20 years.  I had a nationally-known independent publisher lined up to do the book.  I was thrilled over this agreement.

However, six months before publication, Rich fell from a concrete deck and broke his neck and back.  He was immediately out of the picture.  But God.  God knows things.

I contacted another great friend who really didn't publish books; but he did manage a cracker-jack printing business.  Colin looked at the manuscript and liked it.  He put thousands of dollars into publishing the final product.  Yet we had no distributor.  Walmart wouldn't respond to my inquiries.  Neither would Mardell's Christian Books.  Barnes & Noble said no.  No stores will carry it....yet.

It could have appeared I was up a creek with only a book for a paddle.  But not the case.  No need to flinch in worry.  God said....

God said that when you need things ask.  So I did.  I prayed asking Him if He would be the distributor of my book for I didn't know where else to turn.

I spoke with Colin yesterday.  We can't explain it.  MVP! sales put us in the black within 100 days and still no store carries it!  Big-time book stores are crying because book sales are tanking (economy and Kindle) while we can't find an earthly distributor.  We can't figure...except for the One who told us to ask.

So be encouraged about your projects.  Go through the open doors and don't be deflated over the closed ones.  God runs the show...all shows. 

If you haven't gotten your copy of MVP! (Why You Are Most Valuable in God's Eyes!), but better get your Christmas order in now!

Order online: http://www.kellypressinc.com/  The book is going so well.  God said ask....so I did.

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Vasca said...

God doesn't fool around, He's always 'in action'...and, just as you said, ASK. We knock? The door opens...He is available 24/7...it's not like 'take a number and wait'...it's just ASK.

I love a multitude of things but this one always hits a homer...
"Don't be afraid, Just believe"