Wednesday, October 13, 2010


As you know Philip Yancey is a good friend.  He helped me with the concept of mercy when I was writing The Miracle of Mercy.  I'm appreciative of his insight to the kingdom and his kindness in my direction.

Philip always sends me an autographed copy of his newest book.  When my MVP! (Why We Are Most Valuable in God's Eyes) finally came into print I sent him a copy AS I JUST KNEW HE WOULD REALLY WANT ONE!

Today's mail brought me his newest, What Good Is God?  He wrote this note, 

For Terry,

This provides the flip side answer to MVP: why God is valuable in our eyes!

                                                                          Philip Yancey

Can you believe it?  We both wrote not the same the same time! 


Brian said...

Two very gifted writers! I am looking forward to reading your book, Terry! By the way, will you have a book signing at the Tulsa Workshop?

Jarrod said...

What a cool thing to find out about!

Kennedy said...

It's a God thing!

Anonymous said...

God has a sense of humor: coincidences you know aren't random, which really reinforces faith, but which could never prove anything.

It sounds to me like God wanted both sides of the issue to be covered, and He just happened to know of two authors to get the job done. And, what do you know, those authors just happened to be listening to Spirit.