Saturday, October 09, 2010


Baseball is submerged in it annual Division Series playoffs with the goal of placing the top two teams in the cherished World Series.

Rick Ankiel is a friend whom I pray for every week.  He left the Cardinals last year and was signed by the Royals only to be traded late in the summer to Atlanta.  Atlanta is playing the Giants for the Division Championship.

Thursday night's first game was not a good one for my friend.  He went hitless and had an error.  The Giants won 1-0.

I felt badly for Rick so throughout the day Friday I would pray for him; not necessarily his skill but for his confidence.  Last night the Braves overcame a 4-0 deficit and it was Rick Ankiel who hit the game-winning home run into the Bay in the 11th inning.

I sent word to the him this morning of my pride in and for him.  While this all sounds like it's about baseball, it is about much more.


Anonymous said...

Of course God does not answer all prayers.

You pray for one team. Someone else prays for the other. Someone's prayer doesn't get answered.

I pray for a job. You pray for the same job.

Anonymous said...

keep sowing seeds of God's Spirit... :)