Thursday, September 09, 2010


Making an effort to justify his plan to burn the Koran, Terry Jones, pastor of Dove World Outreach Center, said in an interview that he believes Islam and the Koran are that dangerous of a religion and that drastic means are necessary.  I would agree on both counts.  I think that religion is dangerous and I agree that drastic means are necessary.

I don't agree with his conclusion.  Burning Islam's holy book would not be--my opinion--the route of drastic means.  While I don't believe most Muslims are vicious or dangerous, I do think we are most naive to shrug our shoulders in "oh well" as the radicals continue their conquest of the world nation by nation.  This is a serious matter.

So how should we react, respond, or take our stance.  I would look at our leader.  Would Jesus burn the Koran?  I don't think he would.  Rather, I think he would be in Muslim gatherings, open their Book, read a passage from it, and then teach them his ways from their book.

That drastic means are necessary, I agree with Pastor Jones.  However, what Jesus would do is not burn the book.  He would teach from it.  More, he would lay down his life for the Muslim world.  He already did and that is our appropriate (and drastic) next move.  In essence God burned his own son (in public square) to save all brands from weird and weak religions. 

We are to take up our crosses....for our enemies...meaning we would die that they might have life.  This is the drastic God would call.  Do you think?

Mike was a Muslim cab driver in Atlanta as he drove Jason Thornton and me to the airport.  I wanted into Mike's heart and began inquiring of his faith.  He explained a few highlights.  I asked how they rid themselves of sin?  Who died and rose again that their sins could be fully paid off?  His response was that they did good works.  Again, I inquired as to how they paid for sins they could not pay for in good works.  So far, he said, he has worked hard to pay off all.

As we were parting, Mike admitted their was one sin that he could not seem to rid.  He inquired as to whether this Jesus could pay for that one.  Of course he could.

I want to reach effectively but feel out of my league when it comes to reaching this massive Muslim world.  Even my writings appear weak and insipid.  But the threat of burning the Koran has served a good purpose.  It has awakened me to my own feebility. 

This proposed act is not acceptable.  Yet, what is less acceptable is my awareness of this religion's radical danger and I've made little move to do anything about it.  I do believe that to burn the Koran is to play with a very dangerous fire.


Anonymous said...

Burning the Qur'an is just one more example of extreme self-righteousness. "I'm right and you can go to ... ."

It's not motivated by love or concern for our fellow man, and especially not for our soldiers. No, it's a selfish act of venomous, hateful war.

The Church has become famous for this breed of venom in this world, perpetrated by armchair warriors who judge others, instead of ministering to others. It's so easy to hate. No commitment is required to hate. You do you nasty deed, and no further commitment is required. No further time is required out of your busy Christian schedule.

Mr. Rush you are correct: Jesus would not have done this. I think the Pastor should burn his own Bible; he's clearly stopped using it.

What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? God will judge those outside. "Expel the wicked man from among you." ---- Christ's Church won't make a clear stand against the evil, radical nutjobs in Christianity. And yet we expect Muslims to denounce every radical nutjob in its religion, and blame them all because they won't.

Folks, if we cannot police your own--all those in the Christ's Church--then don't go around judging other religions for not behaving any better. And don't whine and complain when the Muslims start blaming all Christians for the radical nutjob Christians who start religious wars. And don't complain when this war comes to our soil, because you wouldn't take the time to denounce and judge your own radical nutjobs.

Anonymous said...

Christians, here's your exercise for today: find one circumstance under which Christ stood up in harsh way against someone outside of the Jewish faith. It's easy to find self-righteous, venomous, religious leaders that Jesus railed against. That's an easy exercise.

The reason that the Church looks so much like the world today is that Christians give everyone inside a free pass, and spend all their time railing against the rest of the world. Presuming upon grace ain't gettin' the Church anywhere, is it?

Christi said...

Beautiful reminder! I just knew you'd have some great insight as to how you'd perceive and things to consider so we could make that decision ourselves. I think you came pretty close to what Jesus would do - Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Mr. Rush. A friend of mine, bill, sent me a link to your blog. It's unbelievable how christians act sometimes, but it stretches faith to believe God still loves us after we abuse our relationship with Him over and over. Hopefully this pastor learns a lot from the reaction he has caused. There's no Jesus in it, like you said.

The other guy who commented has a great point. On average, american churches are paralyzed with the fear of their own brothers when it comes to church discipline. I believe Jesus would act very harshly towards many american churches. There's a reason many will say Lord, Lord, and He'll say, i never knew you.

Thanks for the good, thought sparking words.