Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Cholesterol is a major health concern.  Good cholesterol is...well...good.  Bad cholesterol isn't good.  We need one and not the other.  Dig?

There is a kingdom cholesterol of sorts which affects our health.  I speak of confidence.  Confidence affects our body life in extreme fashion.  This cholesterol is also found to be one part good and one part not.

Confidence can shut the heart down....or it can cause it to race with enthusiastic effectiveness.  The bad confidence is called self; self-confidence.  This disorder leaves one perpetually worried over performance.  While it will give an occasional surge; because it is bad it will leave one immobile in important kingdom matters.

The good confidence is Spirit confidence.  This makes one enormously healthy for the level of activity shifts from self to God.  Therefore, we are able to deduct that even when we are over matched, good confidence believes God over any visible situation.

David had the good confidence when pitted against the Giant.  The woman with little oil in her jar obeyed with good confidence God could respond.  Mary at the wedding possessed the good confidence in her son. 

None of the above had self-confidence.  We need this healthy reminder that if it is to be it is up to Him.  And such confidence we have through Christ toward God.  Not that we are adequate in ourselves to consider anything as coming from ourselves, but our adequacy is from God.

Ah....I needed that!  I get too discouraged when focusing upon the wrong Kingdom Kolesterol!


Anonymous said...

Another form of cholesterol which is clogging the blood flow of the Church is Bible worship. Some people substitute their book for the Holy Spirit, and His power to change through a continual relationship.

I'm sure that Christians would disagree that they worship the Bible. I'm sure that they'd tell you it's okay to burn a Bible. But the real staunch ones would fight you if you tried to take *their* Bible and burn it. You know, the one with all their precious notes, highlighting, bookmarks, dog-eared pages, etc. That's right ... their words and their clever understandings are more important than the Bible.

So many people worship their own understanding, their own words, and they pride themselves on it. That's how God's flow of flood is being blocked. They won't let the grace and forgiveness of God flow. They block continuing revelation, growth, repentance, forgiveness and grace.

Bobby S said...

That was amazing friend! I truly love the illustration! it can even be extrapolated out to include our diet!
Love ya friend! Way to keep finding the "good" stuff in life!