Thursday, September 16, 2010


How much do we discuss sowing seed and letting God do His thing?  It goes on while we work and while we rest.  God is at work.  A marvel to me is how His work goes on when we can't see the scheme developing.

Today I was running an errand on my afternoon off.  Traveling toward the shopping center I realized I was near the Park Plaza church offices and I wanted to drop my new book off to Kevin Nieman; their counselor.  When I went into the complex I was greeted by a man I met about four years back.

Randy---maybe fifteen or so years younger than me---was the first base coach at one time for the Cincinnati Reds.  I met him as hitting instructor at a complex where Shawn Mayes works here in Tulsa.  Randy is a really sharp man and Shawn wanted me to hang around him a bit.  We golfed simply see what God might do.

So I made an unplanned stop this afternoon to deliver a book to Kevin and there stands Randy.  He, too, was waiting on Kevin as he now works next door to Kevin's office.  And why?  Randy was about to be baptized...and he wanted me to go with him. 

Where I thought I was headed to the mall, I ran into an interruptive idea that lead me to an unscheduled baptism that had begun years earlier by Shawn Mayes...and who knows even before him? 

I am so enthused.  I began ministry at age 26 fearing I would never see God work.  I just didn't know how...or what...or when...or where....or why.  But now it is a way of life.  It isn't a way of great planning but of steady planting.  We sow.  We water our sowing and other's sowing.  God gives the increase.  He has committed Himself to it. 

It just keeps happening....God working that is!


Anonymous said...

How is it that we should be so blessed that God would allow us to see and participate in His work in this world? What a privilege.

This was one of those divine appointments. Thanks for telling us about Randy's baptism.

Brian said...

If this were a baseball game, this would have been a walk off homer with Satan still in a pitching slump!

WOW, God is spectacular from every angle in life's stadium!

Thanks for sharing, Terry!

Jarrod said...

How neat! Great to hear these kinds of stories!