Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I am known for making up new words.  It isn't a game or a hobby.  I make them up when nothing else deems to be adequate.  Thus....a brand new, off-the-shelf, word describing a most important occupation.

Just how many theolobtetricians do we have out there?  I think several!

"Theolobstetrician" is a newly created term I'm tossing your way as I think it goes better than something like "Pulpit Minister".  Who ministers to pulpits?  But Theolostetrician?  Now that we should be!

A Theolobstetrician is one who delivers newborns at rebirth.  That's it.  We are theology gurus who deliver the babies!

How are any to be born again if they do not have a theolobstetrician near?

Now you know....a title much more fitting!  Watch the letterheads be radically adjusted for this will become a most popular concept!


Anonymous said...

Great word with a great meaning! I think you really have something there! But you spelled it 3 different ways.....

Terry Rush said...

Well Shelley...yes it's spelled three different ways! When I hit spell-check fireworks went off and then hearty laughter came from the computer!

What is a guy to do? If spell-check won't help me...I'm not responsible!

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed getting to watch your buddy, Rick Ankiel, a bit more now that he's with the Braves. But, your Cards look poised to make a run!


Anonymous said...

Wow we will see if the new word can garner any gription out there! Oh i think i just invented a new word. Peace
philip sims