Saturday, August 21, 2010


The gamut of people in our lives is one long series of individuals in desperate need of the grace and energy of God.  Here's the church.  Here's the steeple.  Open the doors and see all of the people.  That was a fascination back when I was six.  Real people still fascinate.

Yesterday included a call from a stranger pleading for money.  I could not turn him away.  What he really uses it for, I can't verify.  But he was important to someone for sure.  In the afternoon I performed a brief wedding ceremony for a couple down on their luck; yet intensely in love.  Strangers to me and treasures to God.

Last night a young waiter with an earring in each ear handled our Applebee's table.  As soon as I saw him I knew there was a man God adores.  I asked if he was having a good day.  Yep, I got new carpet in my house and I'm having a good day.  Ah, where's your house located?  It turns out it is in the neighborhood of our building and I told him about us.  That's weird.  My wife just said this week that since we are new in town, we've got to find a church.  Ah....that's not so weird!

And this morning I was filing papers and ran across a folder labeled "Celebs".  I hadn't wandered through it in several years so I took a gander.  Um-um.  Fascination opened from yet another angle; the rich in need.  I found thank you notes from Elizabeth Taylor's publicist for a book I sent her.  There was a note from Michael Landon's receptionist regarding our efforts to cheer him while he was dying. 

A long note from my hero, Curt Flood, told me what to say to those around about him as knew he would die in a matter of days.  So dear to my heart....still.

People----all kinds of people are everywhere.  We can't go anywhere or turn on the TV without seeing people.  Some are rich and well-known while others are poor and long-forgotten.  Both are in need to someones eyes to see them---to notice them in our midst. 

Might you be one of those who sees all kinds of people everywhere....and reaches with at least a slight effort just to see of God's door might open?

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