Friday, July 30, 2010


For those who love Jesus---which are many---it is easy to find many reasons Jesus is cool.  But so many can't reach such a conclusion.  Why?

Jesus doesn't resonate with hip.  He identifies with the underdog.  He isn't big on possessions; but rather guides all to rid ourselves of them. 

Jesus isn't politically correct; nor is he so socially bent.  His bluntness upset even those enamored with spiritual jargon and hypotheses. 

But I think the main reason Jesus isn't cool among many is his lifestyle of suffering.  He suffered.  His life is one of intensity of struggle, disappointment, and even grief.  His talk as well as walk are ones of suffering. 

Yes, Jesus promises a life of abundance...and he wasn't kidding.  But abundant life breaks out when any follow his steps in giving our lives to others.  For unbelievers not only is this pattern disruptive and isn't cool.

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Terry said...

I'm a little surprised that no one has commented on this post yet. It's one of your best. Sometimes it's easy to forget that Jesus was blunt and that he has called his followers to suffer rejection and opposition. Thank you for the reminder.