Monday, July 19, 2010


I have learned to see God's kingdom possibilities through funnel vision rather than tunnel vision.  God's hand is explosive with hope, dynamic in purpose, and beyond imagination in range.

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of sitting with three women in Longmont, Colorado.  They have a weekly Bible study.  I was so impressed with their devout hearts for God's rich presence.  In our discussion we were contemplating the wonder of their small group and emphasizing God has what.....a million other unknown to us China, and Russia, and Mississippi....etc? 

Our point was while we delight in learning of a pocket of believers here and there it only magnifies the possibility of what God has going on globally.  Who can imagine?

Then today I opened my office mail.  There was a letter from a young woman I've never met; I've never heard of her.  She is an inmate in Kerr Country Jail in Kerrville, Texas.  Where is Kerrville?

With great handwriting and greater disposition this lady wrote of her delight over one of my books.  She didn't say which one.  The library cart had come by and she selected my book.  She said that she now can lift her head up rather than looking at the floor.  She went on to speak of how she was referencing the scriptures for a test she was taking.

She just wanted to say thank you.

I didn't know one of my books lived in the Kerr County Jail.  Hmmm....I wonder who planted that one by faith and doesn't know I got such a precious note?

Here's what I want you to get for I am so enthused about us being included in His ministry.  God uses you in ways you can't fathom.  I preach this constantly.  Our people have no idea how valuable they are nor how far they reach.  It isn't a matter of humility as much as it is a matter of limited imagination....but it is the truth...each of us influences more people for God than we can calculate.

So be proud of the Spirit for He roams regardless of where barriers might wish to impose...or discourage.  You....are making a difference right now while you assumed you were merely reading a blog.  No...there's more to you than you.  There is you, with you, through you.


Anonymous said...

"Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His POWER that is at work within US."!!!

US!! Yeah!!

May we think about it more...


M & V said...

So right, Terry! God is using M's rare disease...He enables us to reach out and touch people we've never heard of in a way we never imagined. God uses my beaten drug addition to reach out and touch others in a way I never imagined.

You share your words in every possible way at every opportunity and He provides plenty of them...opportunities to reach out and touch in some mighty unusual places.

We like 'unusual'...after all, look at our example. God/Christ = Unusual, yes?

'God Work' um-hmm; Do it/Love it.

Greg England said...

You see God more clearly than anyone else I know. I'm trying to see Him as you do, but I have 30 years of preaching to overcome!! :)

Janice Garrison said...

How exciting for you to receive that letter. I know that would have put a big smile on my face. You really are a breath of fresh air!

We can all be "gardners" if we overcome our fears. Just plant seeds here and there and God will give the increase.

(BTW, the word for word verification never comes up the first time, only a blank box with an 'x') I always have to hit 'publish' and then it finally comes up telling me the characters I entered didn't match and I didn't enter any) :) Must be a little glitch somewhere.

Beth said...

Kerrville is a beautiful little town in the Texas hill country just about an hour west of San Antonio. Very cool beans that one of your books showed up there!

DawnLonewolf said...

Just what I needed. I have felt as if I have no purpose since Mom died. I seem to need to be reminded on a daily basis that that is not true. Received some thoughts in the mail yesterday from a dear friend and now this today....maybe one day at a time the lifeline will finally pull me out of the sea and back to the safety of the shore.