Sunday, July 11, 2010


Do the work of God by believing in Jesus...Jn. 6:29.  This means that if we are hard workers in the kingdom, we believe hard.  How shall we do this kind of work?

Believe He can do when we are completely clueless; not only clueless, but we have no way of verifying activity or results.  This is a challenge to us because the American way is that we are performance based.

By this I mean that we engage in kingdom life when we can't fathom destinations or conclusions.  For example, I pray for the people driving beside me that they will awaken to the glory of God.  Yet, they quickly pass by and proceed out of sight. 

What happens to them?  How did God work?  I don't know.  I just know He and I did good while they most likely are oblivious. 

One of the things I want to accomplish on earth is to build crops of faith.  Jesus asked if he would find faith when he returns.  One of my goals is to plant faith crops so he can see there is faith when he gets back.

An earthly anchored one will tend to move about in the church once earthly signs of opportunity appear.  A faith-walker sets his or her eyes upon the invisible and believes God can do....what we can't.  Whether we pass the communion trays or put a check in the collection plate or pray for unknown soldiers, etc, we are perpetuating the faith-crop world with our entering the invisibles.

Oh, I'm not insinuating you have no garden.  Not at all.  I merely want to remind of your garden.  You've done amazing things for Him over the years....simply because you did His kind of work.  You chose to believe in the one whom He sent.

And if you happen to not have a faith-crop in the works....start your garden now!

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