Sunday, July 04, 2010


The body of Christ may be suffering from a disease known as MBS.  Maturer Brother Syndrome is diagnosed of those who sit on the back porch and complain about the goings on between God and the projected lesser brother....Lk. 15:11ff.

You know the story.  We like the story.  However, those suffering from MBS aren't happy with the story.  This presents a church problem.

MBS is a comparative disorder.  God says when an assumed better brother compares himself to an assumed lesser brother a sheer and pure lack of understanding is present in the former....II Cor. 10:12

Whether elder or preacher or momma or Bible class teacher, we each must be acutely aware of MBS for it is the destroyer of the unity cells of the body.  Tumors of division develop more from MBS than any other monitored ailment.

MBS is not cured by pretending there is nothing wrong with another.  Its root disturbance seems to be from failure to acknowledge the glaring flaws of self.  The potential cure for the hard working and committed brother of the Prodigal Son story was to get up and apologize to the Father for his cold heart; for his legalistic mindset that fractured family relationships. 

As far as we know, the elder brother passed away from MBS. 

May we find the cure.

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