Saturday, June 05, 2010


If we intend to be of any affect at all in leadership we must learn three of the biggest words in ministry; I AM WRONG.


Wrong on everything?  No.  Most things?  Not necessarily.  Many things?  Absolutely.

The doctrinal differences among us are not due to grand conclusions due to deep and faithful research.  It is because once egos set their course, they are stickin' by it.  Minds become set as in concrete and eyes go blind to truth and each closed-minded blind individual reaches an impasse in the kingdom called STUCK.

This was a tough lesson to learn because our tribe emphasizes so much on being right.  Right has shifted from accuracy to competition.  Who is right?  Which group is right?  We go by the Bible...whichever slant a particular group has...and will never admit to being wrong.

I AM WRONG is a very tough admission to swallow.  I didn't like it myself.  I fought it for the longest.  That takes quite an exaggerated technique, too.  You see, in order to always remain at the top RIGHT, it is important to chisel others down to size.  This comes in many forms; bitterness, anger, resentment, and defensiveness.

Surprise!  To consider and eventually admit personal error is to leap into a region of freedom not experienced until.  Can you envision life without bitterness, anger, resentment, and defensiveness?  These things make us sick.  Yet, RIGHT insists we possess them and never let go.

I say let go!  Let go of your assumed accuracy at every turn.  Everyone else knows you are not.  Ego is the last to learn of our demise.  It isn't a rumor.  All of us have enough wrong about us to become a great bit more open to all others.

Always being right is a wrong move.  And, this is a tough lesson to learn.

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Brian said...

I "am RIGHT" when I say, you hit me in the heart today! I needed this reminder. It is not about being right, but rather, being godly and Spirit-led.