Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Our heritage of discipleship has a beckoned call of which strikes at the heart of what we are about, Thus saith the Lord.  This phrase has rung out from well before I came along as an interested participant.  Too, the quote has been heralded as a means of putting people in their place when they wished to experience new-fangled ideas in church.

I was big on the idea myself.  As a young pup I was a proud pulpit pounder of what the Lord said.  I used such as license to put people in their place and I did it with great ease for the pulpit served as my wall of protection.  I was my usual cowardly self when away from my fort from whence I tossed verbal hand-grenades.

Back to the phrase.  It tripped me up.  I've had to take my own medicine and it hasn't been easy to swallow.  Thus saith the Lord will catch all of us anytime we wish to promote tradition over bibliocity.  The truth is (and we are all about Truth) that the Lord hasn't said nearly as much as we wish He had said.

In one of our past meetings one elder was pushing the not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages when another elder advised his colleague scripture did not speak of such.  The first elder responded, ought to!

Thus saith the Lord may be a King James kind of comment, but the Truth of it remains as pertinent as ever.  Our problem is we've heard error along the way assuming God said it....when He didn't.  Stick with the Bible.  It still says what it means and means what it says. 

The challenge for me has been to take my wishes and verify they were His as well.  Often it isn't the case.  I find He is often silent because to Him it didn't matter.  God seems to have spoken up and out when He wished to get something through to His children.

I'm still a learner.

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Steven Hovater said...

This post is excellent!

To me its not that the Lord hasn't said enough, its just that what the Lord really has said is quite different than what we normally assume.