Thursday, June 03, 2010


If we are going to succeed in kingdom work a new way of thinking is required.  We will walk on very thin to speak. 

The nature of man is to be in control.  We don't mean to be brashly egotistical.  As a matter of fact we spend a lot of our time trying to hide our bossy/self-centeredness with acceptable garb of humility.  Isn't it odd that after awhile humility, too, seems to wear thin?

The thin ice is to speak of that part of walking with God where we can never calculate His moves; we can seldom perceive His use of challenging moments we would love to dissolve.  Thin ice means we must not get comfortable in anything except our faith in the Jesus. 

About the time we believe we have a destiny figured, God moves the terrain.  Once we assume the church's posture is definitely set, He will open the Word to a new possibility.  This strain creates our own Pharisaism.  We mistakenly feel we've altered and been altered enough; it's time to settle down.

The kingdom of God doesn't settle.  It doesn't quit the perpetual shift called maturity and growth.  If we are going to stick with the kingdom...and we will be because we learn to stay young and pliable in the Spirit of God. 

Don't get discouraged that you can't get the church to stay happy or productive in places.  New generations continue to arise (thank God) and with that new awarenesses of the Word develop.  We are most challenged to be flexible in the Spirit....John 3:8.

Our walk is very exciting and very daring....yet, it is because we walk on thin ice.

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