Monday, June 21, 2010


Tuesday morning early our youngest and his family head back to Guadalajara after a year long furlough especially designed, I think, for grandma and papa Terry.  With two cars, three kids, and a dog in tow, Tim and Kim finally begin their long trek back to their dear mission field.

Of course, this is an emotional departure for me.  Their distance away is a part of it; but the danger factor at the border and then through the Mexican highways is a big challenge as they experienced plenty of frustration exiting a year ago.

All that said, I am most grateful.  How could I not be thrilled over their love for God and commitment to His work?  They've spent six good years there and are now headed back for the next God-phase. 

I'll not complain. 

How many parents wish their kids had enough interest in God to move far away to help others?  I get to experience it and I will not curse such a move by sighing and moaning.  Many kids have grown up in the church to become quite effective and impactive in the professional field chosen by the leading of the heart.  Mine just happens to love ministry.

All dads get to dream of their kids being happy at what they do.  I'm a blessed one who gets to experience it.

Thank you, God!


Greg England said...

Yes, you are blessed.

Brian said...

I will pray that God uses them in a mighty way!

I was touched by his message at Tulsa and his tender heart as he shared the God story of Mexico!

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for Tim and the family as they travel today.


Anonymous said...

Is that not the way we trained them to be? How can we deny their heart's desire when it is what we taught them. Our Rachel is a missionary along the border in Piedras Negras (Eagle Pass) with the Gonzalez church and the CAMAS clinic. Our hearts fear and pray for her safety at the same time. -Joe and Becky Almanza

Anonymous said...

Abraham, an obedient Father. An obedient son. Oh there was a ram in the bush. But on Calvary's hill, there was no ram in the bush, for He was the ram in the bush for us. The story is sweeter each time we tell it. Tim is taking it to the streets with love and passion. God bless Him and you and Mary as well and the churches sending Him. He will never regret any offering based on love for Jesus.
Larry in Denver