Monday, June 28, 2010


I don't think I will ever get a grasp on ministry.  Ironically, I think that is the grasp.  The sooner we don't get it we've got it.  No, Yogi Berra didn't say that.  It's my own conclusion.

I love working for, in, and with the church.  It has so many tangles and blessings no day is ever dull.  Quiet is a relief and activity is adventuresome.  What a life.

But as long as I've been at this I find myself still trying to figure its basic tenets.  This is a great way to be stumped as I think it verifies God is running this show and not us.  And when God is running something the plots, the plans, and the positions are always way out of whack with the human-oriented mind.

Every day we are on the verge of winning or losing.  We are approaching the best of the best and the worst of the worst; all included in the same day.  All of us who minister are bankrupt of self-sufficiency and delighted over divine blessings upon our path.  We lead lives of possible misery transformed into absolute awe!  How did we get this way?

Ministry has its ups and its downs.  Both are included in the same package.  The former rescues the latter and the latter draws to the former.  You've got it.....that we never have it.  He does.  God gives the gifts, the supplies, the blessings, and receives the glory.  We?  We are the earthen vessels honored---whether cracked or chipped---to be considered worthy of His presence!

Good for us!  We are in ministry.....and we get more excited.....every day!

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Jarrod said...

YES!!! It is the best, most mysterious work there is!