Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Everything will work out all right.

I didn't know if it would. And....I thought if there was hope for anything or anyone, we would surely need to do it my way.  After all, I was the expert at stuff....whatever the stuff was....my estimation was I knew best.

Ah, God has a way of growing us out of that.  He is always growing out of self and into Him.

Everything will work out all right.

So don't become dismayed over the weeds in your garden.  Apply yourself in His Spirit and let Him bear His fruit. 

I thoroughly enjoy the kingdom.  I have for several years now.  My first couple of decades I didn't as much for there was so much I couldn't control.  Today?  I still have little control; but my faith in God is enriched.  He knows how to get stuff done. 

Wasn't it Peter who was correcting Jesus about his stance on being killed?  Peter....oh why oh why couldn't he catch on?  He was advising the son of God?  And me.....uh, well....a bit like Peter? 

When we develop an ability to let go of the reigns, there seems to be an immediate appearance of His grace which we've desperately needed all along.  We have been mistakenly groomed in places to be a people of performance, out-put, and effort.  We base our faith on our labor. 

God would base our faith on His grace.  It isn't whether we are workers; but whether we believe He works....John 6:29. 

One of the victories over the ups and downs of ministry is to gain momentum in understanding God is highly engaged in our walk.  Let Him rule.  Our job is still to stay out of the way.

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