Monday, May 17, 2010


Unrest isn't new in the church.  On one hand, that's a very good thing.  Believers are still ambitious.  However, it can be a bad thing if zeal is not garnished in patience of the Holy Spirit.  Patience, vision, contentment, hunger....all are kingdom traits.  We are constantly challenged from pedal to brake as to the correct speed of the Spirit at any given moment.

We are experiencing increase of church productivity when we couple need with opportunity.  Consider the lack in the church.  Then consider those who feel the disappointment of not being involved deeply enough.  Perhaps we are staring at a leadership opportunity instead of a crisis when we introduce the two to one another. 

Memorial has been fairly inefficient with ministry for the college/young professional age.  It isn't that we haven't tried.  Nor is it that we have always failed.  We don't seem to come up with a long-term solution.  We continue to weigh this work for there is continued interest from many of us.  Somewhere buried within our network of unfulfillment and frustration lies the secret combination to unlock this ministry puzzle. 

Self-ambition on the part of any is never even a short-term solution.  No, we want to strike at the Spirit leadership of this very good unrest in the church.  It is a good thing that members of the body want more.  When we temper desire with patience, we often see God invest Himself with us in strong efforts.

Spirit of unrest in the church where you are?  When we love each other we will be diligent to seek His will among us.  In the meantime, our search will include plenty of praise for Him.  If not, we have an unrest that comes from darkness rather than doses of meaningful spirituality.


Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

thanks for the post Terry. The Holy Spirit leads to peace and joy ...

Cary said...

Terry, truthfully, Memorial is a church that has the potential to explode in the area of campus ministry. If Memorial ever finds its vision and direction in that area, it will be nothing short of amazing.