Friday, May 14, 2010


You are looking at my new chair.  It is an old rocker my brother bought for a $1 at a garage sale for Mary and me 42 years ago.  For 42 years it sat as an old, worn, and dingy darkly varnished piece of furniture.  I recovered it a total of seven times. 

Recently I took it apart, sanded it, stained it, varnished it, and had it reupholstered.  Ah, Jana Fowler and her sister did a great job installing the fabric.

It now is a new chair....same chair just new!  It has a new personality and a new presence...still a chair...but really new in its world.

This is what we get to do as the body of Christ.  Together we find old broken-down people and we take them to the Refinisher.  They just never get over how He changes their presence.

An amazing thing about the Refinisher is He paid more than $1.  He gave His life that we might one day have the authentic hope of experiencing newness.  I encourage you to live as if you have been born again...brand new...ready for a new life in a tired world.

If you haven't been reborn, remade, and restarted, don't be discouraged.  This is something everyone start life over.  You can do it.  You don't have to become someone else.  You as yourself are just fine.  You will (as we all do) need the Refinisher to sand you down and dress you up for you have many years of great life ahead of you.

We will make a difference because we are now different ourselves!  Hats off to the Refinisher!

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