Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Men and women who resist Jesus may not realize the vast wonder of the one whom they reject. I get it. I understand how this can happen; but it remains a catastrophic mistake.

The world that refuses Jesus seems content to do so because it can point both excusing and accusing fingers at churches...but not Jesus. This is disappointing for all of us in the church are always in kindergarten ourselves trying to grow up. Nonetheless, the masses flatly reject Jesus.

Such nonchalant dismissal of God’s Son is cataclysmic.

Don’t you get it? Jesus is on the rejectioners’ side. He stands for that which they stand for. He, too, hates sinful ways so much he died to do something about it. He is the one who carries a badge for respect for all neighbors. He detests dull, deadening, rote church. Plus, he finds those living on the outskirts of societal acceptance his kind of people.

The Son of God would press for crawling down into the ditch to aid an unknown injured stranger while the church-uprights pass by on their way He would associate with those who lived a darker life. He especially loved all viewed as lower class. Jesus was the ultimate and magnificent rebel.

Jesus has been mistakenly rejected. Those who don't like him basically don't know him. They've given up on Christianity by ignorantly pointing to those flawed who go to church. There are no unflawed who go to church. Everyone is there to praise him for salvation no one could eke it out on our own.

Jesus....that thing he does that catches believers and unbelievers off guard is he identifies with those who despise religion. He didn't come to give us religion. He came to give us life...John 10:10.


Anonymous said...

A healthy perspective and to the point: "We have found the enemy and he is us."

Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

resisting Jesus is more than a mistake ... it is death ...