Thursday, May 20, 2010


Have you ever wondered why it is such an ultimatum that we fix our eyes on Jesus? The text of Hebrews 12:1-3 is clearly one of endurance; endure the race set before you...endured the cross...endured such hostility. It is my conclusion that fixing our eyes on Jesus directly ties to sticking with the faith system.

Why Jesus?  Why is he to receive our focus?

Jesus is the only person who was both God and man. When one looks at him, both God and man are seen.

If we should look upon God without the prism of Jesus as our lens, we are likely to conclude we cannot do enough to please Him. Jesus, however, assures us of our acceptance by the Father. After all, he is the way.

If we should look upon the community without peering through the prism of Jesus, we are quite likely to reach the end of our frustration rope. Husbands disappoint. Wives misunderstand. Businesses can be unfair. And, society has an ability to be biased. Jesus, however, calls us to never give up on one another since he endured the cross for

Jesus holds the heart together because he is both the fulfillment and completion of God and man. When we look at life through him we see hope, possibility, and creative ideas. He grants an exciting new reflection of potential. The prism of Jesus gives us such a vast array from the Prodigal Son to the Prodigal's Father.

The brother on the back porch is precisely a picture of one viewing life without the prism of Jesus. He was doing all the right things but unhappy with the two main elements of life: God and humanity.  That brother griped and complained his way into giving up. Wrong move. Unnecessary move.

How will the prism of Jesus impact your walk? You may strain and struggle or hope and celebrate....but you'll never give up! The magnificent prism….is a secret to loving life right now.

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