Friday, May 28, 2010


Stick with our theme; the Bible is God's Word.  It has been, is, and will be so.  We are called to respond in obedience to it.

We have a problem with this approach; as honorable as it may be.  Wires have been crossed and man has gotten mixed up on what it actually says versus what human influence over time says it says.  I belong in this category and should you think do you.

We get such mixed signals from ourselves.  Not only do we find we are to go back to the Bible; but we then begin to learn we are to obey from what it says and from what it doesn't say.  Silence somehow gained authority when, oddly, it never had a voice.  Strange.

Have we forgotten individuals are free to read the scriptures and reach individual conclusions?  In this age we tend to believe in herds as if other herds are hugely mistaken while my herd has it totally figured.  Nothing new; this has been a plague of Christianity as is true of other religions as well.

We each have places we will draw lines.  We want to make these because we studied it out and thought it through; always willing to back up and make monumental adjustments.  We all draw the lines.  A glaring mistake is when we draw them according to herd-thought.  At that point we seem to shift from faith to politics; you like what I believe and I like what you believe so lets stand together against the other herd-parties.

We are growing.  We are growing up.  We are becoming aware that arriving and preserving such arrival is both shallow as well as hollow.  We have a history of the Bible going by us rather than us going by it. 

May we work at being learners first.  The Bible is still the guide.

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Anonymous said...

Come on, Terry; you can speak plainer than that. Give us an example or two of precisely what you mean. It needs to be said and you're the guy to say it.