Monday, April 26, 2010


Ambition runs high among many of us for life in the church.  We yearn to see it grow.  Marvelous ideals bid for the "main thing" in the work of the Lord.  We want in on it....and we often believe if others could only see church life the way we see it, the church would be far better off.

That would be one of our first mistakes.

The longer I am in the body of Christ the more I believe we strand ourselves on the island of independence and self-provision.  Our understanding is terribly and radically disoriented.  We have made effort to reduce the Living God to a Manageable Manager.  Too, a Golden Calf of pet doctrines has submarined our effectiveness by trusting our heritage more than our Bibles.

I don't speak in terms of you or they....but of we.  I'm one of the major violators of good church approach.  Yet, I am highly encouraged at what I get to experience among so many.  The kingdom is properly expanding and growing.  As usual, such is because of the working of God.  Our work is to believe Him (John 6:29). 

We will always be challenged to yield, to listen, to plan to grow in Christ and his church for we are but very small humanilistically as well as visionally.  When I take the back seat in kingdom ventures, it seems the church vehicle travels farther.

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John McCoy said...

I really like this video, and I think it is the same idea that you are talking about.