Saturday, April 17, 2010


I'm crazy about road construction!  If ever passing through Tulsa, welcome to the land of orange barrels!  We've got 'em and we're obviously proud of 'em! 

Yes, I know road construction is a hassle, interruption, and a pain.  But what hope!

Other than city streets being torn up en route to whatever part of Tulsa you would wish to travel, the I-44 centerpiece is in huge disarray as it is being widened from 41st St. to the river.  Yippee!

You should see the mess.  Bridges are going down that bridges can go up.  Buildings are coming down right, left, and center.  Temporary roads divert irritable drivers (that would me many of us) while big machinery crawls up one hill and down another slope.  How fabulous!

Why the sheer enthusiasm?  For what all of this will one day be.....brand new and beautiful!

So don't get discouraged with all of your orange barrel friends or your orange barrel life.  It is under huge construction for God is building something new.  He isn't adding a skill or taking away a flaw.  He is starting over and widening your capacity to live brand new and beautiful! 

Don't be discouraged.  The street that passes by our church is full of ragged potholes and deep ruts.  If I'm sad about that street it is because it has been left to deteriorate without attention.  The day the orange barrels go up will be the day I will shout with joy.  Finally orange barrel life will come to my street!

You have an orange barrel moment?  Don't fight it.  Don't wait until the project is completed to get happy.  Love it right now!  New life is definitely in the process.  You are one of the lucky ones!


Jim said...

Terry, You make me smile. I too love the Orange Barrel! I would love to have one of those cool orange vests

Vanessa said...

I love you and love this today! Thank you for reminding me to always love and appreciate my orange barrels. :)

Anonymous said...

Boy, we sure can be a mess sometimes (most of the time?) can't we? Thanks for the fresh, and correct, outlook on them.

We are forever in need of humility and encouragement, aren't we (do those contradict)?


Danny said...

I love the analogy! If you think about it- we have orange barrel churches- just works in progress until we realize God final beautiful work in us- in heaven.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rush, thank you so much for your other-worldly perspective of things. I have a deep relationship that is "under construction" right now (in a good way), and the barrels all of a sudden look not so bad. I needed this today.