Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We are in Workshop 2011 mode! I have been working on it since the conclusion of the March 2009 event. I love it. I love thinking about it, dreaming about it, wondering about it, and planning it. But I could use some help and you just might have some innovative ideas.

One of the things I believe needs attention is its PR. We aren't getting the word out. I've already begun to pick the brains of John Dobbs, Trey Morgan, and Matt Dabbs regarding this need.

What do you believe would be good move as far as promoting/advertising the Tulsa Workshop? We put ads in the Christian Chronicle, send out several email blasts to those who have registered, and a blog (mine and some of yours) here and there will discuss it. What great ideas might you possess that would go beyond that small box?

I believe some of you are promotional gurus. I don't want to waste your brain-power by letting it sit idle when it could put out incredible new concepts. Let's hear them. Would you email me at trush@memorialdrive.org with your ideas? I think we can do a better job than we have been doing; but I think it will begin by hearing from some of you.


Anonymous said...

FaceBook and Twitter are really popular. They don't seem to be going away soon.

Steven said...

There is facebook, twitter and other applications online to advertise in the local area of Tulsa. Do something unique that could spark media attention and do a free write up story in the Tulsa world. There are universities/colleges which have alumni lists that can broadcast the emails explaining the workshop. See organizations who have websites and see if they are willing to put a plug/advertise on their website for a brief amount of time. What about moving workshop on the week of spring break? Many families are able to attend since we adjusted the scheduling for workshop. Just some ideas my friend and thanks for all the work and thoughts you put into each workshop.

Anonymous said...


I have two suggestions. The first one is hard, and the second one is easy. The first one. If you want Tulsa people to be there in large numbers, it has to be on Tulsa's Spring Break. I was looking around at this Workshop and thinking that the crowd had grown, but that it was a shame it was not the 12,000 of 10 years ago. And then I realized that every person there had taken off work, pulled their kids out of school and then I was amazed. There are three or four thousand people who believe in this event enough to completely turn their life upside down to be there. I wondered if it had been during Spring Break how many others from town who take the event for granted would be there.

The second idea is to take out a full or half page in the Tulsa World. Many members of churches in the Tulsa area would like to go, but they just don't know about it because it is not announced at their church. Every year I call people from around town to try to get them there, and they always say, "thats this week?" "We already made plans." "Why didn't it get announced?" If it was in the paper a few weeks early, maybe they would hear about it and be able to plan for it.

Tom Dahlman