Friday, April 02, 2010


I once worked from my Terry-island. My world was small; I'm speaking as a minister in the church. Operations consisted upon what I could see and what I had the energy to exert.

But Jesus has radically upset that old world. I've learned the hard way that others know much more than I. It has been clear that God is quite capable of working without my assistance; but I have no effort that will stand the stress of effectiveness unless He opts to be involved.

As Jesus said, so am I....without the Father I can do nothing.

The new world is so much more exciting because God can/is doing what I don't have the capacity to acknowledge. This truth has helped me to relax. I can be at ease with my own failures by stepping up with confidence for the next project without beating myself down. God runs the show. I only thought I did...and I was wrong.

We are a part of an enormous team. God calls it His body. Works go on throughout all seven continents by His mercy and grace. I am wowed...simply wowed...that I get to be a part of the body that radiates light to all the world!

Good for us! Good for God! Partners...just like He said...II Corinthians 6:1.

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Steven Hovater said...

Working solo is definitely the fast track to big wrecks. It's one of those things that it seems like everyody knows, but that gets a lot more talk than intentional action. We've got to learn how to structure our lives to match what we know here.