Sunday, April 04, 2010


I wanted to hear from two kinds of readers; those who could read the print and those who couldn't.  At this writing the score is 14 to ?.   The score isn't 14-0.  It is 14-?.  If a person can't read the blog they can't read my question to answer it.

So....I feel pretty good that 14 can read it.  I am an amazing fact finder.  I could take political polls, don't you think?  Ah, I move ahead.

Why will so many go to church today that don't much throughout the year?  I think it is a sign of the magnetism of God.  Embedded in mankind is a deep faith that Jesus was and is.  But why display it basically once a year?

Could it be that churches in general have veered from the Jesus path of commitment, sacrifice, and service?  Have we become more of a club to see who fits and who doesn't?  Could it be that those who attend irregularly don't realize it; but their spirits were built for more than attendance and they never got the message of God's real call?

While I (and a religious world of others) have been critical of the two-time-a-year attenders, it could be that our programs as well as ritualism have dulled their good senses.  I just might be that the reason these masses aren't with us Sunday after Sunday is their spirits crave a deeper relationship than what churches offer.  Maybe, too, they just don't know what ought to be....but feel church isn't it.

For certain, believers will come out of the woodwork this morning and I, for one, am thrilled.  May they serve as a reminder that there is much faith upon our land.  May we awaken to a new sobriety as to how to connect these believing hearts to authentic kingdom activity.

Happy Easter!


John McCoy said...

Thanks for having a good attitude and being hopeful about the folks coming in today. I need this more.

Brian said...

Our Sunday gathering yesterday was filled with the "traditional" Easter crowd timers. It was awesome because they got a glimpse of a spirit-filled people who value the time in the gathering.

As inspiring as our gatherings can be, it is so much more inspiring for me to witness our people worshiping God as teachers in our schools, engineers in the nuclear plants, police officers patrolling the streets, and retirees who never retire spiritually!

I am thrilled that our two-time-a-yearers could worship at our gathering place, but I am more thrilled that they get to see the heart of God's kids every single day worshiping the in marketplaces! It is our prayer that our Sunday morning worship gathering is an extension of our daily worship to God!

There is a stirring!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rush, so one one computer (Mac using Safari), I can see your blog entry with a solid white background, and your new graphics behind that (i.e. I can read it easily).

On another computer (PC using IE), I can see your blog entry, but the background graphics are immediately behind your blog entry (no white background), making it very hard to read. However, if I scroll down to see older entries, the graphics go away and reveal the letters more clearly.

Just FYI. Thanks for your commitment to regular posting!

Danna said...

Hello my friend~I LOVE the new look of your blog! But not nearly as much as I LOVE YOU!!

~Your right arm :o)

Zelia said...

I can (and did) read your post. I don't keep score on attendence (me of all people - smiles) and appreciate all who come. I'm pondering this thought for today,

"There is a kind of inactive righteousness that simply avoids evil. But Strategic righteousness takes the initiative and dreams of how to make things right."

What a thrilling impulse?!