Saturday, December 05, 2009


This week I received an email heavily starched with criticism. While I don't volunteer down at the Criticism Farm, I've learned over the years to take such with a grain of salt. Criticism is present for my good; so without knowing it my critics simply refueled me. That's new!

My old nature is a worrier, an attempted controller, and then more of a worrier. While I was insufficient at managing much, I tried to manage everything....and everyone. I was lousy at it....but such surely fueled my obsession to worry and try to control.

I've learned from the Jesus style to let go and relax. I talk about this a lot because too many live tied in knots. Things will work out. All will be all right. Operate in terms of decades if you can't do it in months. Let go. Relax. God knows how to do life for us.

We tend to make life too hard. We try to think ahead of both circumstances as well as people. I did for years. It doesn't get us anywhere except to turn our mattresses into racks of torture. When nothing is wrong, we wonder what might be. If someone wants to bless us, we wonder in turn what it is they are up to.

But when I learned to relax I learned to enjoy the life I have right now. I like right now. I'm not to heavy, too short, too poor, nor too busy. I like now. If I think I look bad ten years I'll wish I looked this how about a wow for now!

Yes, there are abundant upsets. Yes, much is disturbing. If you can fix it, get on with it. If you can't, enjoy the enjoyable things. The day may come when the tumor or the stroke or the final breath ends it all. What have you got to show for yourself?

Well....I think thoroughly enjoying God's moment at the moment is good for starters.

Don't make life so hard. Fears don't belong in your vocabulary so quit reciting them. Live big....and live now!


freeman said...

I really loved this oust and have really been trying to live this way with much success. I used to feel so anxious about everything until I learned to relax. Great post.

Robin said...

Thank you, Brother! I really needed to hear this today. Blessings to you and yours.

Enjoy the day!

jason reeves said...

Terry, thank you for the ever-constant encouragement my friend.

If a minister is not criticized and challenged often, he's doing something terribly wrong.

Glory to God!


Anonymous said...

Boy, I'm trying to do this. And, then I have one of those days where I blow it in so many ways. As a husband, father, on and on... What do you do then?