Tuesday, December 08, 2009


What can one do who feels sort of....well?....average in the church. There may not be an official title to describe where one fits in the body. Possibly no special recognition seems to be given which would point any to note your needed participation.

Yet, we all know the Word speaks of each member being both sufficient as well as necessary.

So what can anyone do to build up the body of Christ? Catch people around you doing something good and point it out. Say so.

The more we point out the good traits in one another the higher we strive to live. The more we speak of the good life we see in another the more enthusiasm seems to develop. I love Memorial Drive....I'm crazy about 'em. They do so many important things in so many random ways, who could know all of the good we get done? The more we brag on God for working among us...the more He seems to give us to note His glory with, in, through, and among us.

Everybody counts! Everyone is necessary! Everyone!

We can make a difference because we believe in one another. We live near and among the best. Catch everyone doing something right!

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Anonymous said...

You don't know me, as I am just one of the crowd. Even though you may receive many writings like this, I wanted to thank you for your hard work, among others, bringing forth the blessings of the Tulsa Workshop each year. I have tried to attend over the last eight years seeking to learn, grow and affect others by the training provided, while experiencing the joy of some beautiful worship with so many (makes me think of what heaven might be like singing to our God).

This last year's affected me most, as it taught me how to really love others unconditionally first, so that they will seek God. Besides encouraging us to take baby steps in planting seeds with patience, until God makes them grow, you recommended a DVD called "The Missing Peace." A short while after, someone from my husband's work mentioned that he felt something was missing. It couldn't be more obvious that God was working in him. My husband gave him the DVD, which lead to discussions, Bible study and obeying the gospel message.

Thanks for letting us learn from you, and other Holy Spirit-driven people inspiring us to grow. I am really looking forward to the workshop again soon; and is it okay to pray for no snow?