Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Just in case any of you hit such moments, I'm sharing with you I have really been in a slump. I don't enjoy it at all. It is a good thing to go through....but I don't like it. In the meantime I keep cheering others on. The struggle is good for me and a necessary part of ministry. It reminds me of how many in this congregation might feel on any given day.

I'm in one of those zones where I don't feel like I'm getting much done. That's weird because I just finished a manuscript to a book I've worked on for five or six years. And, I'm now rewriting the Holy Spirit book; just cleaning it up a bit.

But I feel duddy.

You ever feel that way?

When I hit such times two things overwhelm me; the size of God and the amount of people who need to be reached. I can't seem to connect the two and they need to be connected. God is remarkable and amazing. People are valuable but basically indifferent to His existence. I have the knack of drawing the two together and lately I'm off.

I'm not discouraged with the church. Memorial is the ideal place to get to be. I'm just poopy about my load; it doesn't seem to move. I'm not overworked in the least. I'm underaccomplished.

What I'll do is the same thing I always do when these times come along. I'll wait. I learned a ways back I can't do anything apart from I'll wait. He'll show up.

Disappointed you didn't read this today and find a great bit of earth-shaking inspiration? too. Yet, even in our weakness I sense some readers would be encouraged to know that not every day is a mountain top for me. They aren't. Now you know....again.

Be encouraged. God will break in and when He does....yippee!


Liz Moore said...

Terry, you are such an encouragement. Even though you feel you're in a slump, you are still encouraging others. I can't wait to see what God is working on in you. It must be something big! Merry Christmas sweet friend! Love you!

Steven said...

Thanks for the sharing. There needs to be more of the ups and downs of sharing. This helps spur one another one, but also knowing we are to wait in the slump and not venture out. This is mindful of Saul. 1 Sam 10:8 Samuel told Saul to wait. Then in 1 Sam 13:8 Saul was nervous when others were moving. He took it upon himself to do what he thought was right.

Sometimes the slump is the testing of our faith to anticipate God's voice or our inner voice.

When physical exercising there has to be a rest or the muscles can't repair. There has to be patience to see the accomplishment of growth in our muscles. When we do our spiritual exercise (writing a book for six years) there is a sense of accomplishment, but also a rest.

Thanks for sharing and keep inspiring. Iron sharpens Iron and so do we when we share our thoughts and attitudes to push each other towards the goal!

Stoogelover said...

He has done this so many times in our mortuary business. I've never had to trust God more in my life than these past 2-1/2 years. But I'm still learning ... haven't mastered that waiting thing. Yet. Don't sell this blog short ... it's filled with encouragement!

Brenda said...

I'm right there with ya!
I notice it comes about once a year and not always at the same time.
But I don't get in a slump about the things in life that I have to do such as family, work, school. I get more in slump about the things that I choose and love to do that glorifies God.
I start feeling I'm not productive, I'm not needed, I'm not wanted, and that if I slipped away, nobody would notice. Then I start to pull away from friends, family, and anything else that normally matters to me.
It's just one of statan's biggest ways to try and beat us down by filling our minds with such lies like that.
I don't stay in it very long. I recognize it quickly and through prayer, I watch God fill my heart with such joy and gladness for every little thing that I do. I know what I do glorifies Him and that's all that matters.

I think you're doing a great job and that this slump will quickly turn around. It has to....he's already shown up and won! How do I know??? Becuase you wrote about it......and so did I! :o)

Love you!

Keith Roberts said...

Hi, Terry. I was just poking around today in some of your older posts and trying to catch up on my blog reading when I found this one on your slump in December.

It's just what I needed to hear. I'm in one now, and I forgot that it's all temporary. Still waiting, but encouraged.