Sunday, August 02, 2009


One of the great strengths of God's people is our ability to think. We want to know about God and His grand scheme. We want to know what He says, what He means, what He wills. We want to know.

We are content if some want to teach us for such surely is His will. Learning is a marvelous kingdom procedure. However, we don't need men's rules as a safeguard that we keep from learning wrong things. God's rules? Yes. Men's? No.

Our corner of the denominational world has suffered (just as others have) from the assumption on the part of some that the rest of us were too weak and silly to discern Truth. Bad mistake. A woman from Colorado wrote recently that she was so happy to hear someone teach about the direct activity of the Holy Spirit; that she had believed such secretly since a little girl. Our people are thinkers; good thinkers.

Can we misunderstand? Of course. Don't be silly. Misunderstanding accompanies any kind of direction and instruction. What I like about people who are earnest about study of the scriptures is the learning process will pretty much assure (even demand) we change our minds as we continually add new Bible information to our understanding.

The danger in any research is the mind frozen in time. We have huge burdens strapped to our backs as we open the Word when we enter the process with man-made habits and practices. With these, we find ourselves unable to enter the riches deeply embedded in God's heart because we are applying a film or screen which blocks the rays of His good news.

Think, my friends, for yourselves. Peel away the fears of what others will think and think for yourself. Trust Him. He has information, I'm convinced, that no man or woman has yet discovered in His trustworthy love letter. you think for yourself.

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