Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Rumors and rumors of rumors don't help a sagging economy. Embroiled opponents to either political party pose for both the cameras and the headlines. What are John and Jane Doe to do with the perplexities bombarding the airwaves? An increasing number of people are finding themselves (many for the first time) being let go of their jobs. Unemployment is escalating at the same speed as fear and uncertainty.

One of the things coming from this is the good news that the church has great opportunity if it will operate with eyes opened. We have communities in need. People are pleading for help. A few years back a nearby elementary school asked us (a church) if we would help them. We do.

Further back a few of our members saw the need for a food pantry. This ministry has led to many hungry families having food on their tables. Plus, it has been used as the tool to lead several to be baptized into Christ.

But the greater the press of things going economically wrong, the pace seems identical to the opportunity the church has to minister. Our neighbors are in a world of hurt. Financial Peace Seminars (such as the one we just did with Dave Ramsey or will do with Steve Diggs) is a perfect work for today's culture. The church in Jesus touches the economically blind and lame.

The community is looking for help and it is looking in our direction. Furthermore, the church has discussed moving into the ditch for years. Now there seems to be a divine connection as we can actually see the ditch possibilities.

What perfect timing! What an ideal moment in which to live and to dream. The unbelieving world is about to run out of dead-end roads and the believing church is poised to move beyond its Sunday School chatter to hands-on encouragement. The connection of both is needed by both. We live in a very good time.

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