Monday, July 27, 2009


Do we have reason to believe the discouraged can become encouraged, the down can become up, and the fearful can become confident? Absolutely. Our confidence is never in ourselves; always in God....II Cor. 3:4-5. God can do things. God can move people. God can improve the church.

Do we have reason to hope so much of the time? Well, if it is true Jesus arose from the grave (that life beat death) then I say it is quite appropriate we live certain God can reverse the quandaries of life. He can make victory out of defeat and celebration out of depression. God is a builder, a shaker, and a stronger-heart maker.

Do we have reason to look alive and live upbeat? I say every day. Every day we can make it because He can do it. I don't find the church life winding down; nor do I find our energy for His grace and mercy fading. We are just getting started. We are just now catching on to the marvel of His marvel. We are gaining momentum in believing Him; more than just discussing His attributes.

And here's what I'm seeing a lot; the more we open up to the outrageous Spirit of God without human (fear)control, the more He displays His remarkable talent. I think God has been waiting on us. He has been waiting for us to be ready for His style of phenomenal work.

I think we are ready. We have every reason to be filled with hope....for we are filled with God...Eph. 3:19.

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Amen :)