Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Believers in Christ form what God references as a body. The hand often reaches to extract an itch on a forearm. Two hands join to applaud a successful touchdown. Knees lift in tandem to move the body toward the copier. Lip muscles cooperate to place tender kisses. God's body, the church, operates in the same precisional harmony.

If insensitive, one will take limber hands, functioning retinas, and mobile legs for granted until they've served well for 70 years and then cry out for retirement to a wheel chair or even a bed with rails. We get so adapted to the hundreds and thousands of body functions which perform well that little thought of appreciation is given to sweat glands, tear ducts, and the piggies that had roast beef. But they count.....big.

So it is in the church. Cell after cell functions with similar precision. Be alert to the wonder of it all. Notice the great things about us. See them. Look at them. Study them. When recently reading the Christian Chronicle I thought to myself, How often we bemoan how much bad news permeates the media waves. And look at me. I'm holding a paper faithful to report such amazing news that it inspires me to ponder how much more good news is out there...and of course there is even more than can possily be known.

I realized I take Lynn McMillon (and Bobby and Tami and Erik and others) for granted as if they are always going to be there or as if they have done a good enough job they no longer need cheering. So I shot off an email to say keep up the good work. A note from Lynn this morning indicated the support was necessary.

Try not to take people for granted. Let's form a committee assigned to catch us doing things right. Let's shut off committee membership at 1,000,000. After that, we'll have to meet to determine who gets in next! I have a feeling we will awaken a world around us to the marvel of itself. Even the piggies that had roast beef make a difference.

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Bobby Ross said...

Terry, many thanks for your kind words about the Chronicle staff! We do appreciate it.

-- Bobby