Thursday, July 09, 2009


One of the great strengths of the church is its emphasis upon the Bible. One of the great faults of the church is when it resists the emphasis of the Bible when it would rather continue contradictory man's tradition. Jesus warned us of this.

We must ever encourage our people day in and day out to have remarkable confidence in the Word of God. It breathes life and judges the inner man while we study it. We must maintain certainty of its glorious truth.

A problem we face is when our people stand upon the Bible with it closed. At times it is not read to learn; but rather to prove. When learning is evacuated the proving becomes suspect.

Recently in the presence of a strong doubter, I was not perplexed as to what would change such a mind. It will be the simple reading of scripture. My challenge is to determine how to get such a practice in order. My point is I am sure of the Bible's ability to persuade.

For you, while there are great new methods of church and while one can be selective in worship style, let not the truth and stability of the Bible slip away. It is one factor among us which cannot be allowed to fade.

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