Wednesday, June 17, 2009


If I should sneak by midnight tonight my intention is to turn 62 on Thursday...perhaps the very same day some of you are reading this. This is the age I once referred to as old...I mean a foot-in-the-grave old. Ah, I've changed my mind. The good thing is I've changed it and I know it.

These 62 years have seen a lot of changes (I speak as if my grandfather). What a world! Some of the things I've seen are a man went to the moon but didn't buy anything, my Cardinals won the World Series again and again and again, I met God, and an African-American has been elected President. Of course there's more.

But could anything be left to fascinate us? Let me ask it another way. Do we think we have stumped God? Do we think He's spent; no more goodies left to wow us kids? Ah, I think He's only just begun.....and have we forgotten the construction going on in Heaven? When He ushers in the new heavens and the new earth do you suppose lawns will finally do what I always wished as a kid; grow 2 1/2 inches high and stay that way forevermore? Do you suppose He will do away with words like dummy, short, and diet?

Get ready in the church. I intend to address this Sunday with the sermon The Wonder of It All. Life, real life, reflects Jesus....not Wall Street. It works from the Trinity....not marketing schemes. Life is fluid, fresh, vital, large, small, energetic, and unintimidated. Life....that's what Jesus gives us and we will not let the boredom of the gigantic and unexplainable distract us. We don't know how it all works; but we know God is the ultimate designer, protector, and sustainer.

What's left to be found in this old amazing world? Only this....the untapped, mind-boggling, shocking powers of God which He has held off until His next display of wow! Watch for it. coming your nearest receptive hearts! It may even be in 4-D!


Brenda said...

Looking forward to Sunday!!!

Christi said...

I can't wait to hear what you have to say! Hope you have a great b-day on Thursday!

Alice's Mom said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Terry! May this day be all you want it to be. God Bless.